Top 5 Advices for Travelers

Here I’m, enjoying my vacation, riding back on the coach from a great trip to see the spectacular waterfalls.. distracting myself from the chatter around me I decided to make my first post at DALAL IMPACT Blog..

So, what else could it be? its summer and I know most of us scattered around the world enjoying a vacation. I know some of you call it a complete break and ditch the healthy lifestyle and chose to munch here and there, so why not it is a vacation & exploring food and specially the famous dishes of the city you’re visiting is part of the experience.

The Question is:

Do you want to enjoy it with a healthy enjoyable energetic experience or do you want to return home not fitting into your favorite jeans you left behind?

I’m sure shopping and buying yourself new clothes is also part of the traveling to-do list, so lets choose the smartest way yet enjoy those ice-cream and crepes which are grabbing your attention anywhere you pass by..

Here’s a list of my top advices:

1. Never ever decide to go on a “one main meal” regime or diet or whatever you wanna call it! Because, you will end up feeling low energy between meals, snacking on chocolates or crepes here and there and eating massively more than you really tolerate yet your body will be adapting to this system and instead of burning calories it will start storing fat for whenever energy is needed.

2. Drink plenty of water and skip the soda! We often walk more while traveling and our body needs to hydrate, so stick with water and always keep it ready packed so you don’t get thirsty half way and crave a cold juice or sugary soda.

3. Keep 1-2 hours gap between a meal and desserts! Yes, I mean it what happens is when we eat a meal, insulin get released in our body in order to regulate blood glucose level back to normal, so when there is a massive amount of sugar all at once from desserts, our body’s reaction is to speed up insulin dose and that might make you feel dizzy and low in energy as you might experience hypoglycemia!

4. Ice-cream, crepes, roasted nuts and more! Yes, they are great and fun and scattered in every 5k you walk into. I’m not saying stay permitted, but eat them smartly. How is that? Avoid having them at night, and make sure after you enjoy one of those snacks that you do spend an active day afterwards. The best time for such snacks is when you are towards the middle part of the day.

5. STAY ACTIVE! I’m sure you wouldn’t spend your vacation in an indoor gym, NO! That’s not what I’m aiming for, but I’m sure you chose a lovely country to spent your vacation at, and it would be great to spend part of your day in an activity whether its going for a run or jog in the park, swimming or cycling. If you’re one of the highly fit individuals a 15-20 mins HIIT session would keep you lean. If you stay in a hotel take a quick visit to their express gym, use available equipments there and if its an outdoor activity make sure you get involved.

P.S. TRY USING STAIRS instead of elevators, every step counts ;)

Overall i wish you all enjoy a memorable vacation and go back home to fit & in shape to rock your new outfits 😉

Let me know your thoughts about my first blog post in comments below..

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