Thank you for visiting our website, you are on your way to a journey to reach your dream body. Whatever that may be, whether it is losing that last extra Kg(s) or whether its increasing your fitness level to join a marathon or increase body physique aesthetically and have that flawless model silhouette figure, I will be your ultimate guide to help you reach that dream body of yours that you certainly deserve to have.

Your obstacles will be my priority to be able to face them with smart lifestyle solutions to enable you to be in charge of your eating habits and fitness lifestyle no matter what circumstances is happening to you.

Even if you simply want to enhance your lifestyle, engage in some light activities and enhance your eating habits the impact you will be experiencing will pack you readily and smartly.

Together we will manage your special occasions whether that’s frequent travels or celebrations, food choice is always a challenge but not any more!

So prepare your eggheads and welcome on board.

Dalal M. Al-Nukhailan
Chief Impact Officer
Clinical Dietitian, MSc Clinical Exercise Science