Dalal has completed her science education journey. Initially she graduated with a bachelor degree in Nutrition. Represented Kuwait in the Food & Agriculture Organization FAO – Rome to share and exchange knowledge and actions taken with relative to Kuwait’s tops priority health concerns, obesity & diabetes, lifestyle managements and ways to overcome them with society activities and public awareness paths.

During Dalal’s experience journey, she discovered a gap that compliments the end results needed to reach optimum health. That gap was within the appropriate exercise knowledge and operation of that knowledge. The gap wasn’t only to be filled with physical training, rather than to fill the exact implementation of exercise for those who have special health concerns such as Diabetes, Cardiac & Pulmonary health problems to be able to fit them back in the loop of the importance of exercise as part of a regular person’s lifestyle.

Dalal is an expert in modifying your practice along with simple lifestyle changes that can make a huge impact to enhance individual’s health. Helping individuals achieve their goals and master their lifestyle via both smarter food choices and specific exercises is her main target along with tackling behavioral changes that may have developed plus guidance towards relocating you in supportive atmospheres to accompany your goals journey.

Her journey in the UK didn’t just bring her back with an added Masters certificate, but prepared her to tackle several aspects of the challenges of Nutrition and Fitness practice. Psychology and environmental influences is one of the challenges that Dalal is well prepared to help guide her clients with, as she was exposed to projects with behavioral tactics and how to convince your mind to work with you in achieving the body that is meant to be yours.

Dalal worked in several hospitals in Kuwait as a Registered Dietitian, both inpatients and clinical based. Specialized in overcoming nutrition challenges with diabetes and cardiology.Her experience covered the age span of counselling kids towards teenagers and adults.